Glenbow Museum

Glenbow Museum

The Glenbow Museum is Calgary’s darling of the museum world, with impressive world-class touring exhibits as well as a permanent collection of local and international pieces. As Calgary's art museum, Glenbow purpose is to provide vibrant experiences that bring art and culture to life.
At Glenbow, history buffs, art lovers and pop culture fanatics can all find something inspiring.

Glenbow Museum's extensive collection of art, artifacts, archival materials, and published works document the history and culture of Western Canada. It also includes a diverse range of international art and artifacts.

Glenbow's collection began with the remarkable vision of our founder, Eric Lafferty Harvie.

The art collection focuses primarily on northwestern North America. It features works in all media from the 19th century to the present. Its strengths are prints and drawings, Western art, 19th century railway artists, Arctic art, abstraction and extensive individual collections of many important artists from Western Canada.

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